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EMERAUDE Suisse Capital SA is an independant financial company based in Geneva (Switzerland) providing advisory and management of assets to private, corporate and institutional clients. Our company is a light and flexible structure which is able to provide our clients with 
any service linked to the management of their assets, based on the tripartite relationship 
(Client – Bank – EMERAUDE Suisse Capital SA) and a network of more than thirty banks 
among the strongest worldwide. Our team members are specialized in finding solutions adapted to the specific needs and the economic environment of clients mainly domiciled in emerging and frontier markets.


Our team assists clients through the whole process of opening an account with the bank of their choice. The client gives a management or an advisory mandate, following the client wishes, to EMERAUDE Suisse Capital SA. The investment strategy is defined by the client with the advice of our team; our representant will create some investment propositions, highlighting the target return and risks. The mandate given to EMERAUDE Suisse Capital SA only allows us to manage the assets and never applies to withdrawals or giving payment instructions. These operations can only be initiated by the client contacting the bank directly.


Having the status of an asset manager granted by our supervisor the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (, itself submitted to the FINMA (the swiss governemental entity ruling all types of companies active in the financial sector,, is a safety guarantee for our clients and partners. Just as a bank, EMERAUDE Suisse Capital SA is submitted to the same requirements in terms of risk control. When the company acts as an independent asset manager for its customers who chose to deposit all or part of their assets with one of our partner banks while entrusting us for the management of the deposited assets, the counterparty risk is linked to the custodian bank. As a financial company, EMERAUDE Suisse Capital SA can be your provider of any financial service you might need.